Bunratty On-Line Chess Festival
20th February 2021

Bunratty On-Line Tournament

Start Time 17:00Hrs GMT(Irish Time)

(Entries closed)

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Hello Bunratty 2021 online participant


Thank you for registering to play in this year's online version of our Chess tournament, we hope you enjoy it. It was made possible with the support of both the Irish Chess Union and Gary O'Grady's Blackthorne Transport, to whom we are very grateful.


First let me convey the basics, this is a 9 round Swiss event, the time control is 3 minutes for all your moves + a 2 second increment per move from move 1. Play will begin at 5pm GMT on Saturday 20th February. You will be automatically entered into the Friends of the Bunratty Chess Festival club on Chess.com, and that club will notify you of the event.


Some of you may be very familiar with the Chess.com interface, but for those of you that are not, and would like to get more familiar, can I suggest you play a practice tournament at the same time control, rather than just playing single games. For quick video tutorials on how to use the Chess.com interface, click here.


There will be at least 3 Twitch channels covering the event, there may be more. You can search Twitch.tv closer to the time to see who's covering the event, but I've linked the ones I know about here;


GingerGM Simon Williams GM channel, a fun filled look at the event, possibly with a beer and a few guests!

Fionchetta Another fun filled channel, with Fiona Steil Antoni WIM although this coverage is more likely to feature wine than beer, and maybe a guest or two as well!

DinaBelenkaya Dina Belenkala WGM is also covering her participation, probably a little more serious coverage and definitely no beer or wine!


Plbrta ( not yet confirmed ) This is Peter Svidler Super GM channel, he's got a huge following online and does explain his thought processes in real time quite often which is amazing. Again, there will be no wine nor beer!


Please visit your chosen channel ( or indeed all of them ) and follow the channel to be notified of when they are online, it's free to follow.


Most importantly, please enjoy the event, and we hope to see you all in person at the returned Bunratty Chess Festival 2022, Good luck in the event.