Bunratty International Chess Festival
23rd. - 25th. February 2024

    General Data Protection Regulations GDPR

    1. Bunratty International Chess Festival requires intending players to supply the following information, this is required for the orderly running of said tournament:
      1. Their Name (First name & Family name)
      2. Their Chess Rating
      3. Their Chess Club (if any)
      4. Their Irish Chess Union membership number (if they are members)
      5. Details of membership of their national federation for players registered outside of Ireland
    2. Bunratty International Chess Festival will store the above information on their secure (https://) database along with the section in which they are entered.
    3. Bunratty International Chess Festival will display the following on their web site:
      1. Players Name.
      2. Players Rating.
      3. Section in which entered.
      4. During the tournament we will also display their score, results and their standing (round by round).
    4. Players agree that the Bunratty International Chess Festival can pass their details and results to the Irish Chess Union after the tournament for the purpose of "Rating the Tournament".
    5. A list of prize winners will also be displayed.
    6. The above information will be stored for no more than six months from the start of each year's tournament.
    7. However a list of section winners will be displayed in perpetuity.
    8. This list will contain all section winners since the tournament commenced in 1994 unless a player requests in writing their name to be removed.
    9. A player may request deletion of any or all data held by Bunratty International Chess Festival and this will be processed in a timely fashion. However, any entered player doing so before, or during the tournament, will be deemed to have withdrawn from said tournament.